Luna Moria
Japanese Name: ルナ・モリア
Romanized Name: Runa Moria
English Name: Luna Moria
First Appearance: History of Kuma and Moria(12/28/2008)
Affiliations: The Dangerous Six
Occupations: Haha no Shichibukai; Wandering Pirate
Age: 183
Birthday: July 21

Luna Moria (ルナ・モリア Runa Moria?)

Appearance Edit

Luna is a tall and thin female Giant who resembles a lot her youngest Child Gecko Moria...She has long, fire red hair, a wide mouth with pointed teeth, pointed ears and wears expensive earrings... She always wears some kind of long pink dress that reaches her feet completly...Her collar is similar to Morias but it has a different color...

And she had very long arms that ends in delicate black gloves

Personality Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Luna does not have Devilfruit Powers, her natural size is powerful enough to beat the most of her foes...

Her Fighting Style contains a lot of Martial Arts and a special Fighting Skill that only giants can calls the Giant Jujutsu and is similar to Gyorujin Jujutsu but a bit stronger.

-She is able to make Earthquakes with her voice, when she is angry

-Her Punches can easily knock out a Vice Admiral

-Her maybe strongest Ability is the Motherly Love Attack which only works when her children are in danger...

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes Edit

Dislikes Edit

History Edit

Past Story Edit

Adoption of Kuma Edit

Current Events Edit

Relationships Edit

Family Edit

Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Luna and Gekkou are associated with the moon
  • Luna is the only full giant associated with any division of the Shichibukai
  • Luna was the first Haha no Shichibukai(母の七武海 , Mother of Seven Military Seas) ever created
  • Luna is the largest (giant) and the oldest (183) of the Haha no Shichibukai
  • Bartholomew Kuma is her step son who she adopted at the age of 6

Other Buzz Edit

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