Miranda Mihawk
Japanese Name: ミランダ・ミホーク
Romanized Name: Miranda Mihōku
English Name: Miranda Mihawk
First Appearance:
Affiliations: The Dangerous Six
Occupations: Haha no Shichibukai; Wandering Pirate
Age: 52
Birthday: December 21

Luna Moria (ルナ・モリア Runa Moria?)

Appearance Edit

Miranda resembles a middle aged women with a well trained body and long legs...

She has middle long, dark gray here with black bangs and wears red lipstick paired with a thick eyeliner, her eyes are sharp and violett of color, they are have something mysterious in it...

Normally she wears a long Sword on her back, it belongs to the 12 Dragonswords, but sometimes she dont wear it, without it, she has much more freedom in her moving...She wears a black skirt and a deep red blouse with a sharp shape...

Personality Edit

Miranda has a very calm personality and loves to read. After she settled down from her sword fighting career, she found the joy of silence and calmness in the world of books and more...She also has a huge garden where she loves to spend time with her many animals. Miranda hates arguing and bitching of every kind and told it clearly, often when the six mothers of the Shichibiukai are met, she has the part of the judge...

Miranda also has a high IQ and is able to speak two languages.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Even Miranda settled down a long time ago, she still is a master of Swordfighting, and in rare moments she took her old Dragonsword to fight with it. Before her son got the title worlds greates Swordfighter, she was the one with this title and her skills are truly great, she swung the heavy sword without any trouble, even in her middle aged age...

Likes and Dislikes Edit

Likes :Edit

-Calm places


-Sword Fighting

-Wine all kinds

Dislikes :Edit

-Loud and noisy people


-Arguings all kinds

Relationships Edit

Family :Edit

Son: Mihawk Dulacre

grandsons: Salizar Dulacre, Alucard Dulacre

Enemies :Edit

Violent people

Trivia Edit

Other Buzz Edit


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