Shoujo no Shichibukai
The current Shoujo no Shichibukai.
Japanese Name: 少女の七武海
Romanized Name: Shoujo no Shichibukai
English Name: Daughters of the Seven Warlords of the Sea
Main Ship: None
First Appearance:
Total Bounty: At least (Artifically)Bsymbol103,000,000,000

Who are the"Shoujo no Shichibukai"? Edit

The Shoujo no Shichibukai are simply the known daughters of the Shichibukai

Known MembersEdit

Shoujo no Shichibukai
HappyReiko MooniePhoto File:Bartholomeportrait.pngFile:Moriasmall.png
Reiko Moria Gekkouhime Moria Jinbei Mizuko Boa Rose

Epithet (Nicknames) and ThemeEdit

Reiko Moria AKA Rubilocks(kid), Shadow Princess; Shadow Themed

Gekkouhime Moria AKA Moonie, Ghost Warrior;Moonlight Themed

Other Buzz Edit

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